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Risk and Loss Policy


In order to assure the safe and speedy arrival of your goods, great care and pride is taken in packaging.

We assume no responsibility for the uninsured loss, rifling, and/or damage of goods in transit.

Although any assistance and documentation needed in filing a claim for shipping damage or package loss will be provided to our original customer, the liability for insurance claim reimbursement lies solely with the United States Postal Service, who has been paid in advance to provide insurance coverage for our USPS® Priority Mail®, USPS® Priority Express Mail®, USPS® Priority Mail International™ and USPS® Priority Mail Express International® shipments.

Our calculated USPS® Priority Mail® rates include insurance coverage of up to $5000.00 on domestic deliveries.

While some countries have insurance value limits ranging from $500.00 to $650.00 for USPS® Priority Mail International® shipments, selecting USPS® Priority Mail Express International® often overcomes the lower insurance coverage limits, while frequently being a less costly service option for high value deliveries.

Purchasing products from this site indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of all of our established sales terms and conditions!

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