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Micro-Trains To Release Completely New Boeing Fuselage Train Car Set In 2019

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Scheduled to arrive in March 2019, Micro-Trains Line has announced a completely new fuselage train car set release.

Micro-Trains Line Boeing Fuselage Train Car Sets Pre-Production Artwork

A first and second production run model is depicted at the top of the image.

Depicting a different, contemporary prototype, the pair of 89 foot flatcars in these sets will have newly designed deck details, MTTX markings, and no component box mounted on the idler cars.

Along with the white door, window, nose cone mount, and wing root mount coverings, the revised decal sheet will include additional yellow covering tape striping, several blacked out cockpit windows, black stabilizer and tail cone mount coverings, a nose gear covering, several sets of hull numbers, and brush guard lettering..